ISO 9001 Quality Policy

ISO 9001 Quality Policy

As a matter of course, it is obliged to observe social norms such as laws and regulations and regulations, we will constantly make efforts to continuously improve the quality management system so that we can satisfy our customers' expectations and needs, and realize the following.

  • We aim for happiness of all employees, families, customers, business partners and aim for coexistence and prosperity.
  • We feel pleasure in the safety and security of the entire world and the company's survival, aim for an organization that can receive "Thank you" and "Appreciation" the most in the world.
  • Always find out one's way of being, we have goals / objectives, spare no effort and improvements, live others happiness as their own happiness, and then pursue social contribution.

March 1, 2012
Izumi Kaku
President and Chief Executive Officer
Japan Security System Co., Ltd.

ISO9001:2015 certified
Registration number: 06953
ISO27001:2013 certified
Registration number: 09895

JSS has acquired ISO 9001 which is an international standard as a mechanism for prompting customers' safety and security. In June 2014, we acquired ISO 27001 certification newly. We will continue to provide better products and services.

ISO9001/ISO27001 certified / Object section

  • Tokyo Head Office
  • Tokyo Branch Office
  • Sendai Branch Office
  • Nagoya Branch Office
  • Osaka Branch Office
  • Hiroshima Branch Office
  • Fukuoka Branch Office
  • Sapporo Service Office
  • Takamatsu Service Office