(Analog HD)

  High resolution video can be output using analog wiring.
It also realizes long distance transmission distance.
The JSS proprietary product group of such Analog HD camera is "i-Ris".
  We strongly believe aim to produce "high-quality,
high-performance security cameras best suited for replacing",
so we named i-Ris with the initials of "Replace", "Identify", "Security"

Product Lineup (“MADE IN JAPAN”JS series camera)

Product Lineup (“MADE IN JAPAN”JS series recorder)

ISO9001:2015 certified
Registration number: 06953
ISO27001:2013 certified
Registration number: 09895

JSS has acquired ISO 9001 which is an international standard as a mechanism for prompting customers' safety and security. In June 2014, we acquired ISO 27001 certification newly. We will continue to provide better products and services.

ISO9001/ISO27001 certified / Object section

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