Message from President

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of our company, Japan Security System (JSS). We established in August 2004 as a manufacturer of security camera products, we are engaged in development and manufacture as a fabless company regardless of domestic or overseas with routes that we have independently found. Our video surveillance system has been introduced everywhere in the country, such as public offices, apartments, convenience stores, department stores, hospitals and various companies.

Among our products, in particular, “MADE IN JAPAN” JS series, making full use of advanced production technology in Japan and not only cost performance but also performance and reliability are highly evaluated and accepted from the market and we are proud of its quality as products that can impress professional worldwide. We are not simply advancing "multifunctionality and high performance", but rather that people around the world can enjoy "safety and security" offer products that aim to truly lose crime from the world. And we aim to be a company that can contribute to peaceful society by providing our products.

We will continue to cooperate and grow with our partner companies, always looking toward a new era, keeping in mind the establishment of reliability as “Japan Security System” and we will make every effort to develop and disseminate new products. We are looking forward to your continued warm guidance and encouragement than ever before.

Izumi Kaku
President and Chief Executive Officer
Japan Security System Co., Ltd.